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Lots of people ask me where I get my ideas, so I've listed some of the initial germs below. Doc

Insomniac—I don't sleep very well, and I haven't slept well since the end of the 90s. I just saw some similarities is all I'm sayin'.

Bombs Away—This started as a birthday card for my little brother.

Mouth Breather—I noticed one day that I breathed out of my mouth. A lot.

Dead Line—I started thinking about deadlines and how they could be expressed visually and in a graphic novel.

Doodles—I was showing my kid's illustration portfolio to another illustrator friend of mine, and he suggested I needed to think more along the lines of birthday parties and clowns. This is what happened.

Headache—I've had many root canals in my life, but I finally had the kind of root canal that gives root canals a bad rep. A day later I had the mother of all headaches. This is what it felt like.

Shadows—I was always afraid to go to the far end of my parents' basement. I would turn on the lights to every room as I got there, and then run out when I had to turn out the lights on the way back. I started thinking I might not have been the only one who was afraid.

Lobotomy Pie—It struck me one Halloween that we carve faces in these vegetables right after we've sucked out their brains to make a pie.

Cleaver Over-Achiever—One morning I woke up with the image of Dom completely finished in my head. The poem sprouted from there.

Doc Chocolate—You know that brother I did the birthday card for? Yeah, he became a doctor. This was his "Congratulations, you're a doctor" card.

Three Strange Days—This story was directly inspired by that old School of Fish song. I always thought it was supposed to be about the three strangest days you would ever have in your life.

Security—I work at a pretty famous house museum, and one day I started thinking about what security might have been like there, back in the day.

Eat Your Vegetables—When I was growing up I had a problem downing meat, namely roast beast. I'm a vegetarian now, but I know that some people have the same problem with vegetables.

The End—This is an illustration from one of the stories that was edited from this edition of the book. Maybe it will reappear in Vol. 2. You never know.