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As many of you know, Vol. 1 was partially funded with help from some wonderful people who backed the project on Kickstarter. Thanks to them, my credit card isn't overloaded. Listed below are the names of the 70 incredible people who admitted to the public they were willing to back the project.

Kickstarter backers Steve Edwards
Cara Armstrong
Stuart Thompson
Daphne Davis
Cindy Morris
Launa Bodde
Bruce Thompson
Marie A. Woof
Kimberly Kerr
James Lovich
Jon LaScala
Gail Courtney
Norah Regan
Candice Bailey
Keven Beaulac
Jennilee GarcĂ­a Green
Tricia Keffer
Paul Lopes
Sheila Johnson
Adam Buckheit
Eileen Stephenson
Jeanne Friscia
Sven Thiede
Laelia E. Mitchell
Pamela MacFarlane
Julie Reynolds
Greg Watters
Alice O'Brien
Susan Ator
Mike Arnzen
Charles Sarratt
Aurora Aguilar
Daryl Whitlow
Rose Gauss
Leda Miller
Loriann Tague
Taroh Kogure
Nick Cup
Steve Sagovac
Susan Miller
Huy Tran
Paul Pater
Jonathan Columbia
Carl H. Lopez
Dave Whaley
Dave Wolff
Joe St. Lucas
Austin Herry
Ken Goss
Charles Potts
Tan Han Lip
Marvin Gardens
Liam Simmons
Tawnly Pranger
Mikito Kawasaki
Monica Jackson
Jason White
Sam Perry
Amy Kriss
Gary Rahl
Sara Luby
Adam Erickson
Lisa Fedora